LG Davis on Why Working in Print is Rewarding

Made Futures

LG Davis has been operating in the print industry for over 58 years and throughout this time have evolved and adapted with the times and trends, investing in technology that has supported them in continuing to provide clients with the highest quality print backed by exceptional, friendly customer service. 

A large part of the industry is centered on creativity; pushing the boundaries of print and design and thinking outside of the box, to create a finished piece that meets the client's needs and will support them in achieving their goals. 

It is important to support clients in creating a clear brand identity that is consistent across all of their marketing, giving them a distinct look and feel. This also ensures they convey their vision and values through the intelligent choice of materials, colour, powerful imagery, and the type of print itself. 

Achieving this for a client requires a more consultative approach, working with them to understand their target audience and how they communicate with them, helping them to solidify a clear identity that their audience will really connect with.

As an experienced and established printer, LG Davis has an extensive range of clients they work with, from commercial businesses, through to manufacturing, education, and even the healthcare sector. 

This extensive list of clients sees them work on a wide variety of print projects, producing everything from product brochures and business cards, through to branded letterheads, school prospectuses, and other innovative and intelligent print solutions. This makes working in this industry exciting and varied; no two days are the same.

Working within a well established and experienced print company, people are able to learn from their wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry, whilst helping to bring a fresh, new look at things from a younger persons’ perspective. 

With so many avenues within the print industry, there is something for everyone, from working within the design team to operating in the manufacture of print, right through to working within the business side of print within areas such as customer service or business development. 

LG Davis supports their people to be their very best and continually invests in training and new technology every year. This enables their staff to grow with the business and supports their progression and development through the company, to continue thriving in their career in print. 

Made Futures was created to encourage people to get jobs in manufacturing, in support of those who have lost their jobs over the course of the 2020 pandemic. There's still time to sign up and be part of the exhibition by filling in the form here.


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